The Rogers Foundation is dedicated to helping children succeed in their educational goals by supporting institutions, programs, initiatives, and educators that transform the lives of children like Educate Nevada Now & Core Academy.

Transforming Lives

The Rogers Foundation helps kids succeed in their educational goals. To that end, we allocate much of our available funds to individual students to support their pursuit of education in all areas. We provide several categories through which students may apply for scholarships to colleges, universities, and trade schools.

The Arts

The Rogers Foundation believes that creative endeavors are critical to community progress. Accordingly, we support the arts in Southern Nevada in a variety of ways, including public performance, displays, training, and creative production.


The Rogers Foundation helps kids succeed in their educational goals. We support educational institutions, programs, initiatives, and educators who help prepare students to succeed, including grants to help schools meet target needs, develop arts and music programs, support schools with ELL populations, and design, implement, and/or fund entrepreneurship or mentoring programs.

About The Rogers Foundation

We believe that every Nevada child has the right to succeed. The Rogers Foundation transforms lives through arts and education providing scholarships to individual students and grants to educational institutions, initiatives, educators, and members of the arts community who strive to achieve in any aspect of education.

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